TSIS (terrorist state of Iraq and AL Sham)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


                                (Terrorist state of Iraq and AL-Sham) 

  Before we begin, it is important to understand that ISIS is not Islam.          For this presentation I will refer to ISIS as TSIS .   
video In the  Islamic religion, it does not ask believers to torture    the prisoners:   like this
 Islam  says to do this: 

 Islam does not ask believers to burn the prisoners like this  

 It does not ask believers to use children in wars like this.&this

It does not ask believers to destroy cities , it does not ask believers to sell/enslave women

In our history,ABU BAKR ,the  caliph, delivered the command to his army and he said : O Islamic guys I want to teach you some rules (some instruction )
  1.  don't betray 
  2.  don't be irritable 
  3.  don't torture any prisoner 
  4.  don't kill any child 
  5.  don't kill any woman
  6.  don't kill any old man 
  7.  don't cut down any tree 
  8.  don't slaughter an animal but for food 
    Everyone has to keep these rules in mind .                                                    TSIS does not follow these rules so that is the difference .

The last comparison : TSIS VS ISLAM

The important thing that Islam fighting to do is : Mercy  

             Where does TSIS get its power ?
             why has it grown quickly ?

Contrary to popular belief, TSIS has many allies . 
1. Bashar AL Assad 
In Syria all the best weapons of the Syrian army were kept in Palmyra. The Syrian people did not think that the Syrian government could lose control of Palmyra but TSIS took it in three days. 
That means the Syrian government did not put up a strong fight against TSIS because the Syrian regime wanted would rather TSIS be in control instead of the Free Syrian Army.  This can be seen in the following videos:  1.2.3 .
                              The Evidence
TSIS has wealthy supporters. TSIS possesses new vehicles.  Shortly after they took control of AL-Mossel, they were seen driving Toyotas.  Where do they get these new toyotas?  here are the cars

Qatar: that the Qatari government is providing funding

Theories :
USA: there are videos where American foces are seen dropping ammunition to TSIS sites.
Iraqi government: The Iraqi governement has not put up a strong defence against TSIS, they do not fight back as strongly as they should.

Qatar: that the Qatari government is providing funding
Private citizens 

 because it just story we can not believe it .
Watch the video, what questions come to mind?  (*_*)      

all those things was just a part from what is happening in Medial East  
            we call that "a drop from a sea " 

                   I hope that made a sense 
                 Thank you for your attention